Thursday, March 13, 2008

Words of Wellness: Eat Right and Play Hard

I was driving the other day and was thinking about what I should write on my next blog . Then I looked over to the curbside and saw a sign that read "Words of Wellness: Eat Right and Play Hard." That was it. This is so true.

Wellness is multi-faceted. It involves many different components. And of course, there is no "typical across the board" answer that works for everyone, simply because each one of us are unique and bring something different to the table. However, I do believe that it is safe to say that we should always try to watch what we eat and try to burn up some energy everyday!

So - where do we start? First, you must have the desire. Then develop an action plan and just stick with it! Sounds so easy doesn't it? If it was so easy, then why is there an obesity epidemic in our nation? Again, if you haven't had the chance to view the report by ABC's anchorman, Peter Jennings, on this issue, I suggest you do.

A recent series of Gallup Surveys found that those who exercise regularly:
  • Feel more relaxed
  • Have more self-confidence
  • Experience improvement in creativity and mood
  • Have more control over other habits, like smoking and eating
  • Feel a stronger sense of control over their health
  • Are more satisfied in all areas of life.
  • Are more attractive to the opposite sex

More obvious, but equally important, are the physical benefits. Regular exercise can reduce the risk of:

  • Cancer
  • Obesity
  • Osteoporosis
  • High blood pressure
  • Elevated cholesterol
  • Coronary heart disease
  • Sudden death from a heart attack


“Changing the culture from one of treating sickness to staying healthy calls for
small steps and good choices to be made each and every day.”

Michael O. Leavitt
Secretary, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services


Even though there are many proven benefits, regular exercise has caught on with only 20 percent of adults in our society, primarily because only one of every two people who start an exercise program sticks with it. Only by adopting an active lifestyle as a lifetime activity will you achieve its long-term health benefits.

It is quite alarming to see the increasing obesity in our population, including children, these days. With the prevalence of electronic game systems such as Play Station, Nintendo and XBox, kids seem to not be outside "playing" like they did in the old days. Our world, with all of its technological "gizmos" has contributed to our sedentary lifestyles. Add an unhealthy diet of processed foods and "fast food" meals... we see added pounds and increased health risks as a result.

It is TIME to evaluate our health trends and initiate steps for PREVENTION rather than treating only the symptoms. In a world of immediate gratification, we tend to not realize the long term risks associated with unhealthy behaviors. At some point, nearly EVERYONE will become passionate about nutrition. However, for many, it is after a "diagnosis" or the like has been made. I challenge everyone to not wait until that moment, but rather take action NOW. Our children look to us for guidance and example. Below is a fun picture, helping to illustrates that point:

I believe that Uri International has provided us with an easy and convenient solution to build a SUPERIOR nutritional foundation with their Live Whole Foods. Did you know that the government recommends 5 - 9 fresh servings of fruits & vegetables daily? Uri helps us to achieve that. One serving of The Feast is equivalent to 4 servings! Their Proprietary InstaFresh Drying Process takes freshly harvested organic whole foods and raw juices to a great tasting juice powder. Their flagship product, The Feast, delivers a FULL, synergistic spectrum of over 176 natural ingredients. We are talking....

  • 30 Antioxidant Rich Fruits & Berries
  • 30 Powerful Greens & Vegetables
  • 11 Nutrient Dense Seeds, Nuts & Sprouts
  • 83+ Active Enzymes & Fulvic Minerals
  • 22 Resilient Living Probiotics

In The Feast Supercharged, there are an additional 6 Supercharged Berries, Seeds & Leaves.

The other night, our youngest son said,
"Shake It, Drink It and LIVE It!" I couldn't have said it better.

Again, Words of Wellness: Eat Right and Play Hard!

Now ~ Go Make THIS Day Your Best Day Yet!


Monday, March 3, 2008

URI International is the "Right Thing"

Welcome to My First Post! (of many to come)

I just have to share what I know about URI International. It is still just amazing to me that in their flagship product, The Feast, there is a full, synergistic spectrum of over 176 natural ingredients!

Listen to CEO/Founder UriLeBaron's audio overview of The Feast.

Yes, this is a company that is on the cutting edge of the nutrition industry with their Live Whole Food Nutrition. I just "happened" to stumble upon it a few months ago and I haven't looked back since. In fact, I was so impressed with what I was continually finding out about URI, that I decided to go visit the Corporate Office and meet Uri LeBaron personally this past January. (That will be another posting in and of itself.) BUT... my passion has increasingly grown to let everyone know about what is going on. I almost feel as though I have an "obligation" to share. This is what has led me to creating a website, and now attempting to create a blog. Knowing that the internet is the highway of mass communication these days, I feel ever so compelled to take on the challenge of educating myself on using this universal tool.

Hi, my name is Brenda and I am married to my supportive husband, Bill and am the very proud mother of four boys. My older three are in college and then my energetic "almost"teenager son is keeping me on my toes. I love it. We live in beautiful Colorado. I absolutely love those Rocky Mountains! My life, as most mothers would say... has been busy, and more busy just trying to keep up on the laundry, cooking and cleaning ... on the days I felt like it. Keeping schedules & deadlines straight in my head for everyone and then taking in those ballgames and practices that seemed to always be at supper time! You know what I mean.

I have and still am a practicing RN and have worked the variety of shifts that a nurse can choose from. Trying to work, sleep, and do all the "mom things" just can add up to very little time for your own self or sometimes.... even your dreams.

Although, nursing is a wonderful and rewarding profession, after 25 + years of clinical practice, I needed a change. Not knowing what it really was that I was looking for, I obtained my real estate and insurance licenses during my big search. The knowledge I have is incredibly useful, but there was no "passion."The personal contact and "caring" was not there as it is in nursing. For you nurses out there, you know what I mean. A little over a year ago, my continued soul searching helped me re-discover what "drives"me and at times, kept my husband and I up all night brainstorming and passionate... about a business, that is. It was NETWORK Marketing. Ooohh...that word. Stings for so many people. Here again, the topic of network marketing will need to be an entirely different post. But, before I leave this topic, I believe Network Marketing is the most efficient way of doing business today and allows exponential duplication of one's efforts, thus creating a tremendous residual income if one works hard. It is a Relationship Business and transcends all demographic boundaries. (I think I am beginning to like this blogging stuff.)

Long story short, as I mentioned, I "stumbled" upon URI International. I have not looked beyond the day I did. To me, the perfect fit for my "caring" role and my entrepreneurial spirit, all rolled up in one. This is NOT just another nutritional company. So many times, people do not even research a nutritional company further because there are SO many "super juices" and "cure-alls" out there. Well, URI is different. Then again, if I were your physician or celebrity next door carrying all sorts of credibility, you might be more inclined to look at it. Well...I challenge YOU to BE the leader and to do your OWN due diligence. Trust your own instincts and then just go with it.

You see, URI International could not be any more simple to understand. Sometimes the simplicity of what's obvious is inconceivable to man. Companies are continually trying to reinvent the nutrition that nature has so graciously provided us. In return, WE ARE STARVING our bodies. Yes, in a world of increasing obesity, we are becoming a starved nation. I encourage you to view Peter Jenning's Report, from ABC, on this epidemic. It is an eye-opener.

Have any of you seen this look at the supper table? I'm betting that it is far more common than not. So, what's the answer?

Uri LeBaron is a 3rd generation organic farmer who has been providing raw materials and formulating products for well-known health food companies since the early 90's. He now grows, preserves, packages and delivers the most nutrient dense, live whole food nutritional products on the market today through URI International, Inc. Do you realize what this means? He controls all of the different aspects of the business which translates to an increased QUALITY, QUANTITY & VARIETY of materials in a product that can be priced affordable for you, the consumer.

Their Proprietary InstaFresh Low-Heat Drying Process takes whole foods (most of which are certified organic) and raw juices to a great tasting juice powder within 30 seconds! As I mentioned earlier, their flagship product, The Feast, delivers a full, spectrum of SYNERGISTIC compounds of over 176 natural ingredients, including active enzymes and living probiotics. No preservatives. No pasteurization. Where else can you find a product that offers all of this? Everybody knows that living probiotics are essential for a "healthy gut." LIVE Whole Foods are the only source of nutrition that a person can get all of these synergistic compounds that are NEEDED by your body. Nature has always known how to deliver it best.

The Feast Supercharged is perfect for the person who needs that extra boost of energy. It has the same ingredients as The Feast with an additional 6 Supercharged berries, seeds and sprouts in it.

Another great product you can't go without is the Beyond Berries. It has an array of antioxidant rich fruits and berries and is naturally yummy.

I sincerely believe that URI International will become the next "GO TO" nutritional company worldwide. As strategic marketing penetrates the marketplace via print ads, radio, live events, and television, URI will become a household name to watch. But why watch? Join us.

I encourage you to act now and start taking control of your health and life. Whether you are seeking for REAL nutrition OR are looking to regain some of the freedom you so deserve, you cannot lose with URI International.

I personally invite you to join our growing team and reap all of the benefits of our UriLife team, the utilization of 500+ Power Sites and so much more . We are committed and passionate to helping others achieve better nutrition and more freedom through URI International. Needless to say, I have found my home in URI International.

URI International is definitely the "Right Thing!"